Some Historic News for EFT’s Future in Health Care

For the first time in history an arm of the UK government has acknowledged the ever growing research base of EFT for PTSD treatment.

In response to a NICE review (National Institute for Health & Care Excellence) * of PTSD treatment guidelines, ACEP, EFT Universe, AHEFT and Dr David Feinstein as a consultant, have come together in an AAMET led project in open-hearted collaboration, to advance EFT’s place in modern healthcare.

Even though NICE is UK based, the results of this review impact EFT globally!

Currently, AAMET as the registered stakeholder, in consultation with the organisations listed above, has submitted a response to the 57 page suggested advice guidelines and the thousands of pages of appendices. This project has taken an incredible amount of dedication, communication and time.

Not only is this review a significant historical event for the EFT world and the future of EFT’s role in health care, but the collaboration between these organisations has been ground-breaking for the advancement of EFT internationally.

Some of the positives to come out of the review are as follows:

  • NICE has now acknowledged that there is EFT research that meets their inclusion criteria
  • EFT has been acknowledged as a combined somatic and cognitive therapy (CSACTs) in the considered psychological interventions for the treatment of PTSD in adults
  • In the NICE economic modelling, CSACTs emerge as highly cost effective, fourth most cost effective in one model and the second most cost effective in another
  • Trauma-focused Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, a primary set to be recommended, is only more cost effective than the CSACTs when completed in 8 or less sessions
  • The review suggests that CSACTs could possibly provide EFT as a treatment choice for military combat trauma

Acupoint tapping methods were recognised as having positive effects and significant potential as a component of PTSD treatment.

So even though NICE haven’t yet officially approved EFT, the collaborative efforts of this project are standing us in good stead to convert these acknowledgements into government funding for further EFT research.

This is such beautiful and encouraging news. I send out enormous gratitude to all concerned paving the way for EFT…

Watch this space… we, in the EFT world are all holding our breath in excited anticipation of how perfectly this is all unfolding…X

For the deep dive reading please follow this linkĀ

*NICE is responsible for determining what treatments are allowed to be given for which conditions and which doses. This includes physical issues as well as mental health treatments. Healthcare professionals in the UK are bound by these guidelines. NICE reviews are generally every 10 years for each condition.

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