#Who knew


Social enterprises are found in most sectors and industries nowadays but sometimes people are unaware of the fact that services or products they’re buying are from businesses that are helping to create transformation in individual lives and local communities.

The #whoknew campaign marks Social Enterprise Day on 17th November. This is designed to shine a spotlight on the diversity of the sector and gives social enterprises the chance to shout about the work they do.

So here I am below doing just that!






Big changes are afoot…


The cogs have been turning at Jenny Luscombe EFT lately.

Transformation is occurring!

I am now working face to face with clients at The Eco Offices two days a week, Mondays as well as Fridays from 8am until 1.30pm.

I am also currently investigating the ins and outs of becoming a CIC (a Community Interest Company) and applying for funding to roll out my vision to work in schools.

I am extremely inspired and excited to have been networking with like-minded souls who have managed, it seems, to work miracles to fulfill their dreams of supporting their specific target groups with the jugonaut that is EFT.

It is astounding what belief and intention can do…

I am charging ahead down this path after them.

Watch this space!