University Students

Living in a student area of Liverpool, I often work with University Students, particularly since stress and depression statistics seem to be rising at an alarming rate for this group! I was a student here myself.

Typically, I help students to resolve issues concerning study stress, financial stress, issues connected to the upheaval of leaving home, fears about the future, lack of confidence, social anxiety and relationship problems.

You don't have to carry these issues around anymore.

With EFT I can help you identify what your reasons are for feeling this way.

Once you have released the unhelpful unconscious beliefs that were limiting you, I can help you replace them through positive EFT tapping, helping you to focus on how exactly you want your life to work.

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Disclaimer: Emotional Freedom Techniques are not intended to diagnose, prescribe or treat any physical or mental disease. EFT is a Complementary Therapy and although it often gets powerful results, it is still regarded as new and experimental by the mainstream. These techniques are not intended as a substitute for traditional medical, psychological or psychiatric care. Jenny Luscombe is not medically trained and does not advocate discontinuing prescribed medication or medical, psychological or psychiatric care without consulting your Doctor.

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