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"I have worked extensively with Jenny for a few months on a number of issues...In my first session working on body issues, I brought in my frustration and overall disdain for my stomach. Seeing the extra fat there would send me in a negative spiral of pain. Since then I’ve noticed a gradual lessening of how much I care. It was a 10 and now it’s about a 5 or 6 on a bad day. I also feel so much less guilt when I indulge in food. Also, since we have worked on uncertainty in my relationship, this weekend was huge for us... We had a good deep talk about where we are and our feelings and we are really on the same page. After the talk and these insanely emotional turbulent two weeks, I felt so connected during sex and I’m feeling my heart open. I don’t want to jinx it bc who knows what will happen but the inner self-critic is so much quieter now, I feel so different and I’m able to relax a lot more... "
Becky, Boston, USA

"I have had a long history with EFT but was held back from working on many issues from a fear that I would not be able to resolve them. These included difficulties with food, sex, family relationships and focus problems at work. Jenny is an excellent listener and is adept at recognising the core issues. She also has great intuition that has led to the discovery and resolution of hidden connected problems. We have been working together for several months now and large aspects of my life have shifted for the better. I wasn’t familiar with the techniques she uses, but very quickly I realised how powerful they were. I spent years feeling hopeless about my issues, believing that there was no way they could be resolved at this point, but I was really surprised. Jenny’s approach has been so thorough. For the first time in a long time, I feel hopeful that everything will be fine and I very much look forward to continuing working with her on my laundry list of issues - which is now getting much smaller."
P, Birmingham

"I have had 3 sessions with Jenny and they have been eye-opening. She is helping me work through many self-limiting beliefs and I've realised how much the past affects our present. She asked me how I felt before our first session and my response was "hopeful". By the end of that first session I was blown away by the effect EFT had had on me. She is empathetic, understanding and intuitive. Be kind to yourself & your peace of mind and trust Jenny, she will undoubtedly be able to help."
Sarah, Liverpool

"Having spent years in and out of various forms of therapy (including EFT) I sent Jenny a list (more of a brain dump of all issues that were not conducive to living a healthy life in the present). I invested in three sessions and explained baby 2 was on the way and I would like to release this 'stuff' before his arrival. Jenny supported me throughout each session wonderfully . In the past I would have been worried about the practitioners stress levels ability to help as we were dealing with quite heavy PTSD, childhood abuse and neglect etc... I can honestly say Jenny helped me shift everything on that list in those three sessions enabling me to be a better mummy and  a much happier 'lighter ' individual . I cant recommend Jenny highly enough . She has a lovely relaxed persona and creates a non-judgmental safe space  for true healing to take place . Thank you so much!"
Mary, Liverpool

"I sought Jenny out at the end of 2017, as I felt I needed a little extra and EFT works for me. The work Jenny and I have done has allowed me to mentally collect the pieces of me, my confidence and strength that I had allowed people to take and retain.  This was a massive unburdening - it also allowed me to practice and ultimately unblock my throat allowing me to say what I felt in a calm and balanced manner. 
I can reach deeper and gain a greater level of understanding with Jenny - only recently dealing with anger; I felt I needed it for strength but with EFT we uncovered that and processed it ensuring that it did not eat in to me.
Jenny thank you so much for all your work."
Lou, Liverpool

"I have had a number of pregnancies and births and am currently pregnant again. I came to try EFT because there had been a lot of trauma during some of my births and things happened that I couldn't accept and hadn't processed. I felt very fearful about the upcoming birth and had been feeling very anxious, angry and guilty. I totally feel different from the way I was feeling now. I can’t really explain, but I am now looking forward to giving birth. I have written my birth plan and now I read and visualise it in the morning and when I am going to sleep. I feel closer to my children too...Thank you."
E, Liverpool

"Before I worked with Jenny, I had a negative pattern in relationships with men. I found I was attracting the same kind of man over and over, the kind of man that didn’t value my worth. I always felt like I was being put last in relationships. I also lacked confidence in social situations. When I went out with my friends, it would always be my friends getting chatted up by men and not me. The whole thing was getting me down, I knew I needed to change something. I couldn’t continue in this same cycle and pattern, the common denominator was me. 
So I worked with Jenny, I wanted to change once and for all. Jenny is so professional in what she does. She works intuitively and gets to the route cause of the problem very quickly. She allowed me to understand that this was an old pattern that was keeping me stuck from being happy. After just a few sessions, I began to notice some real profound changes. I felt so much lighter and different within myself. After one particular session, we moved a big block that had been keeping me stuck for years. Since that day onwards, I can honestly say I have felt completely different, I feel like a changed person! I see men checking me out all the time (this never happened before) and I have been chatted up by really attractive men while out socialising with friends. I feel so much more confident within myself. It’s like I’ve been walking round with blinkers on for years, and they have finally come off! Just the other day a man approached me in the supermarket and asked if he could take me for a coffee - something which has never happened to me before! I have also started seeing a really attractive and intelligent guy recently, he ticks numerous boxes. I feel like this is the start of a new chapter, a new me.
 I seriously cannot recommend Jenny enough. She is amazing at what she does. If any of this resonates with you, get in contact with Jenny. She has worked miracles with me, and can with you too. Thanks so much Jenny, I can’t thank you enough xx"
J, Manchester

"I was stuck in anxiety and fear after a bereavement and just couldn't move forward, things were becoming unmanageable in every area of my life... I'm still processing my last session with you... It was so powerful and the release was massive. I didn't realise that my childhood had been a problem and how much had been repressed - especially after all these years. I've thought long and hard about things raised and can now accept all the years with ongoing incidents that were impacted. I'm feeling pretty good now. I've passed on your details to so many people and will continue to spread the word as I can't thank you enough. I really feel I've turned a corner in my life and can see clearly a happier future for myself."
S, Liverpool

"I was really anxious about a test I needed to sit, to get a professional qualification to move forward in my career. I couldn't face it and kept putting off booking it. I had never tried EFT before but thought I would have a go. When I woke up the next morning after the session, I felt completely different! The nervous pain in my chest had gone and I just felt a lot more chilled about everything. When I think about the exam now, I am nowhere near as bothered as before and I don't get that same feeling in my chest. I've booked it for this week and I'm not panicking about it. Thanks very much Jenny."
B, Liverpool

"I found Jenny to be a very qualified and effective therapist. In just a few sessions, I changed the way I felt emotionally about a very challenging issue in my life and felt a lot lighter and more able to deal with it. I have personally recommended her to several people since and would have no hesitation in recommending her again."
Katherine, Crosby

"I'm feeling good, I think the EFT was a catalyst for me to be able to move forward. I don't seem as tied down by former events and I'm calmer."
Joe, Liverpool

"Thank you very much for my sessions of EFT. I was unsure exactly what EFT was when I came to you at first, but I was looking for alternative options to cure my phobia of needles. You were so welcoming and showed me exactly how EFT could help. You helped me to reduce my anxiety and overcome my fear. Having spent time working on that, you were able to look at 'opening my boxes' as I call it, going through parts of my life that I have not dealt with, just stuffed them away in the back of my mind. Without realising, all these demons have a way of impacting on life. I have continued to use EFT and believe it is a great tool in dealing with life and negative emotions."
Sophie, Liverpool

"I have been seeing Jenny for therapy for over a year, and during this time I feel like I have been transformed. I cannot recommend Jenny highly enough. Whatever your issues or problems, however big or complicated, or however small, EFT, along with Jenny's intuitive and compassionate guidance, can help you to move forward, give you strength and confidence, and bring alive parts of yourself you had forgotten you had. EFT is an incredible tool for healing and making changes, and I feel truly blessed to have found Jenny."
K, Wigan

"I experienced EFT with Jenny as a very compassionate and self-empowering method of working with trauma and I only required a few sessions."
Dr. Kerry Manson, Clinical Psychologist, Liverpool.

"Working with EFT under Jenny's guidance, I feel I now have a tool I can use when things feel blocked and confusing. I am really amazed how useful two sessions were and the progress we made. A year on and the original issues are no longer present. This is the most effective intervention I've come across and Jenny's compassion and sensitive approach allows for a very open and trusted space."
Steph, Liverpool

"I have been having psychotherapy and various other modalities on and off for 30 years, with varying degrees of success, but the shifts of consciousness I have been having, since using EFT with Jenny, are absolutely incredible!
And it has only been a few months..."
Jon, Liverpool

"EFT has really helped me to deal with the demons that I used to be faced with on a daily basis. Following my first session with Jenny I felt a massive weight had been lifted from across my chest. The days following, I was able to cope with situations a lot better. I now carry out EFT myself weekly and it continues to help me more each time. I am also 18 weeks pregnant and have found that EFT helps me to control the anxiety and worry that I feel, following a late miscarriage I had several years ago. Thank you Jenny. Thank you EFT.
Gemma, Liverpool

"My anger is not even there 1% anymore! I can't understand how this works. I feel totally different. Thank you."
Karl, Liverpool

"Jenny and EFT brought back my eight year old daughter from a disturbingly dark place, where she had been secretly abused over a period of two years from the age of six. The abuse had overburdened her to a point where she was no longer able to cope, causing depression and anxiety which impacted on her whole life; she was struggling to cope with day to day life, worrying about everything and making her feel that her life wasnt worth living. As a parent this was devastating to know that my daughter was so unhappy and could no longer cope, to hear her worries and her thoughts and not be able to help her.
     Jenny put my daughter at ease throughout each and every session, instantly gaining her trust and confidence, enabling her to talk about and tackle her very difficult experiences and thoughts. At times the sessions were very emotional as she began to let go of her burdens. After each session she would feel relieved and calmer and her anxiety and OCD which had developed would improve.
     Over a period of five sessions Jenny was able to unearth more and more of her feelings and worries enabling my daughter to emotionally let go; her issues had developed over two years and so had become more and more complex as she had tried to bury them and deal with them unsuccessfully. The EFT stripped down her issues layer by layer until finally they have disappeared. My daughter is now a happy nine year old with no emotional baggage, she is confident in dealing positively and rationally with her emotions and values her feelings. She knows that Jenny's professional help has saved her from emotional torment and allowed her to be a happy child again. She knows that EFT is there if she needs it and that it provides her with coping which in turn gives her more confidence. The EFT has impacted positively in all aspects of her life.
     In parallel to my daughter's EFT sessions, Jenny suggested that transformation is possible when a parent and a child work on an issue simultaneously, she recommended that I (as her mother) could have EFT so that we would benefit from each other's unburdening of negative emotions around her abuse.  These three sessions enabled me to address the emotions which I had been harbouring around my daughter's abuse, plus more. We both benefited hugely. 
     I can't thank Jenny and EFT enough for the changes and benefits that they have made to my daughter and our family's life. From a desperately worrying situation, within a period of weeks Jenny and EFT have restored happiness and normality to our lives. Priceless xx

"I decided to try out EFT because I had been really struggling for a number of years with a pattern of blushing and feeling really embarrassed and panicky. I didn't know what to do about it, I often felt put on the spot and struggled to think of what to say so I sat back in a crowd and tried to be invisible. I just avoided certain situations. However, when I began Teacher Training, this situation became impossible and I just wasn't coping. I had an EFT session with Jenny which was really helpful for me! I can't believe how confident I am now. I really appreciate it. I can now speak to anyone and can be myself around anyone. Thanks so much!"
Tom, Liverpool

"All the angrys have run away! And so have all the scarys!"
Shahima (aged 5), Liverpool

"I felt very frightened after a significant trauma occured recently and somehow it seemed to connect me to a traumatic time from my past that happened 20 years ago. I started to feel frightened all the time even at home, I couldn't sit down by myself in the house, I felt like someone was behind me all the time, I felt like I was going mad! I dealt with it by sitting waiting in the car until someone came home, which was very worrying for me and my family. I was also too scared to drive so I gave that up too which restricted my life and made things incredibly difficult. Somehow, in just one EFT session everything went back, like it was unwinding! Me and my family are amazed that it worked! Now, I am driving again, I don't feel scared to be by myself at home and I just don't think about that fear. My doctor was going to put me on anti-depressants but decided against it, seeing that I just didn't need them. Thank you so much."
Helen, Liverpool

"I was surprised by how my presenting issue was linked to something that happened so far back in my childhood...although on reflection I kind of knew this would be the case. The way in which the issue manifested in a physical way also surprised me and I could actually 'feel' something moving within me. Going forward, I believe EFT has given me the opportunity to 'let go' of something that has been holding me back and stopping me from really being 'free to be me!', so thank you for helping this to happen, I am very grateful."
Kate, Liverpool

"I experienced a huge trauma which led to myself and my family needing to be rehoused in a different area. On top of this, I later had a terrible accident which left me disabled. I had 5 EFT sessions with Jenny to address all of this. So much has happened since, that I feel it has been a transformational experience; I now wake up in the morning feeling positive, which never used to happen, I now experience closer relationships within my family which has brought me massive closure and increased connection, I have connected with someone I thought I had 'lost'. I also completely and utterly let go of an issue that I realised was not my problem, but actually someone else's. I have been more active in my social life and I also feel that my creativity has been unblocked enabling me to reconnect with myself and make time for my pursuits. In fact, I have been so empowered and have become so much more independent, that my partner who was my carer, has felt confident enough to start working again for the first time in 5 years! The knock on effect of this means more money, more holidays for the children and more joy! Thank you so much Jenny, I would highly recommend Jenny to anyone who is struggling. She has helped to shift blockages that I didn't know were there...EFT has transformed our lives beyond our imagination! "
Hayley, Liverpool

"I did the tapping to help my anger. It's helped me with my concentration and my anger's gone smaller...I haven't felt it the same as I used to."
Leo (aged 6), Liverpool

"In reaction to a family trauma, our son was having angry outbursts at school and on most days there were incidents involving him hitting out at other children, trying to defend himself at playtime. EFT tapping has brought out a much calmer more beautiful side of him, it has worked so well. He is a different child at home and at school, more polite and considerate. His Teacher has noticed that he is more emotional and empathic and feels more remorse if he does something wrong. The incidences of anger and hitting have totally disappeared. Actually, when another child hit him recently, he didn't even retaliate, he chose to talk to a member of staff instead, which never would have happened previously! On top of all of this, his reading has really improved. EFT has opened up opportunities for him because now we feel much more confident to let him go on school trips and family holidays which we used to avoid because of his behaviour. He has occasionally asked to do EFT at home with us or his sister...thank you so much Jenny. He now has a strategy for life."
Leo's Mum and Dad

"When I was in class, I would be stressed worrying about my mum because she had a bad accident that really affected me. I found it hard to think about anything else. We also had to move house and move schools and I had to leave all my friends behind which made me really sad. Now, I have done the tapping, I feel fine, I know that mum is OK, it's made my life a lot easier. It really makes you feel more relaxed and in your comfort zone. If I feel annoyed about something at school and I don't want anyone to see, I can tap under the table. My friend saw and I taught her how to do it, now she does it all the time too. I do EFT at home to relax and especially before bed. I used to worry a lot and find it hard to sleep, now it helps me sleep better. My work in class feels easier - I used to doubt myself and decided to just stop working because I thought 'I'm not going to be able to do this, I'm not going to get it right anyway', but all of that giving up with my work, it's completely gone! I feel that I have changed like I have jumped a large step. I was trying to be happy, pretending to be happy but not really feeling it. I am different after EFT! All my worries have gone and I'm catching up..."
Eve (aged 9), Liverpool

"We have seen a marked improvement, an unbelieveable improvement in Eve's wellbeing, confidence and self-esteem. She's been able to offload her worries to Jenny, rather than in the family, which has enabled her to feel like she's not putting pressure on anyone. She's had a significant release and a remarkable improvement. This has been a special time for her working in this way one to one. She now uses the tapping at home, it is so reassuring for us that she has learnt this EFT technique, it is a life skill that she can now take forward in life to manage her own feelings. Thank you."
Eve's Mum and Dad

"I decided to try EFT because I was struggling with tinnitus. It was making me frustrated and anxious, I couldn't think straight and I didn't want to leave the house, it was affecting everything and I was starting to expect it to happen, sitting waiting for it. I had one great session with Jenny. A few days later I got up and just didn't think about the tinnitus. I hear it sometimes but it just does not affect me! I totally accept it, which is exactly what I came looking for. Thank you."
Jason, Liverpool

"One month ago, I felt so bad and miserable. Fortunately, I had a few EFT sessions with Jenny. Doing EFT definitely helped me to recover from struggling with my big anxiety issues and being taken over by limiting beliefs about myself. It has helped me widely and deeply. Now I feel better and more confident and I can use EFT skills now by myself. Jenny was great, intuitive and creative. She perfectly knew how to tackle my issues. She gave me the keys I needed during the sessions. I warmly recommend Jenny to anyone who wants to work on particular issues and emotions. Thank you so much Jenny for all. Cheers."
Sabrina, Liverpool

"I'd done a little bit of EFT at home and for a couple of things got a real shift, but I knew I would get much better results with an EFT Practitioner. I'm so glad I found Jenny. Jenny is so personable and her listening and interpretation skills are amazing. I felt totally safe throughout the whole process and the results have been fantastic as well! I feel so much more in the present and less distracted by worrying thoughts. I've done 6 Skype sessions with Jenny so far and just letting things settle before I may have some more. I find it so beneficial being guided through the process and Jenny has helped me uncover lots of limiting beliefs. I won't hesitate to recommend Jenny to my friends and family. Thanks Jenny!"
Liz, Lancashire

"I haven't felt this confident and sure of myself ever! Feeling amazing! Thank you so much for everything Jenny!"
Deborah, Chester

"How can I sum up what working with Jenny has done for me? I felt like it would take someone special to work through my issues with me, and Jenny is that person. I love our sessions. Jenny treats my issues with such grounded-ness and sensitivity, and when we are working together the whole thing just flows. Her skill with EFT means that I am opening up and being able to resolve things that were very deeply buried, and getting massive shifts in each session. As stuff comes up that needs dealing with, Jenny is so intuitive and creative in knowing how to tackle a particular issue that the changes I am feeling are immediate and sometimes profound. Since working with Jenny I have more energy, am more grounded, am way more connected to myself and my emotions, and feel so much more present. My life is moving forward in ways I could hardly imagine possible before. I would highly recommend Jenny to anyone who wants to work through complex issues and emotions. I am so glad I found her!"
Kate, Wigan

"When I first spoke to Jen about EFT I was very sceptical. How could it possibly work? However, having failed to find a solution to a problem, I thought I would give it a try. I was very wary when we started the session but Jen guided me through with great sensitivity. I felt much calmer afterwards but still not convinced it would last... But it has and I am very grateful to Jen for introducing me to EFT."
Irene, Bolton

"Having done 2-3 EFT sessions with Jenny I have to say that she has a gift for listening attentively with great warmth and empathy. The EFT sessions with Jenny felt simple and natural and brought about a real positive shift in the feelings and emotions that I was working with. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Jenny as a thoroughly competent EFT practitioner."
George, Cheshire

I had great EFT sessions with Jenny recently and although I have some knowledge of EFT myself and have used to great effect in my personal life on my own, there were some issues I couldn't shift alone. Jen's professional, non invasive, thought provoking methods really helped me to get to the root of it without having to reveal too much detail or dig too deep into old issues and memories. The technique of tapping we did immediately cleared things for me I felt an immediate shift and felt much better. I would recommend Jen if you have any issues from personal problems and anxieties brought about by past experiences or childhood, but also if you struggle to gain focus with your life and find it hard to stay positive and on track or move forwards with your personal life or career and financial goals and dreams."
Sharon, Kent
 "I had an EFT session with Jenny. She is amazing at what she does, so warm and supportive. I was working through some stuff that had been holding me back for years but just in one session Jenny guided me to remove these limiting beliefs that had been stopping me from moving forward. I have felt great since and feel something massive has shifted. I would encourage anyone to work with Jenny she is so talented at what she does. Thank you! X"
Janine, Manchester
 "Jenny sensitively guided me through the EFT technique to help me deal with a series of limiting beliefs. EFT is an empowering tool as once learnt you can adapt it to suit your individual needs. Thanks Jenny!"
Elizabeth, Durham
 "I was quite unsure about EFT until I tried it. I don't know how it works...but it does. Jen was so intuitive and really helped me focus! Sessions made me feel extremely calm and capable! thanks Jen - amazing experience - will be back for more soon!!!"
Louise, Liverpool
 "EFT really works! I have had great results tapping with Jenny. It's amazing how your problems can just dissolve away. I look forward to our next session. Thank you."
Lorna, Bristol

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Disclaimer: Emotional Freedom Techniques are not intended to diagnose, prescribe or treat any physical or mental disease. EFT is a Complementary Therapy and although it often gets powerful results, it is still regarded as new and experimental by the mainstream. These techniques are not intended as a substitute for traditional medical, psychological or psychiatric care. Jenny Luscombe is not medically trained and does not advocate discontinuing prescribed medication or medical, psychological or psychiatric care without consulting your Doctor.

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