The Emotional Freedom Project CIC

We are a non-profit Community Interest Company funded through a variety of organisations and charities. We secure funding to benefit parents and children in the local community of South Liverpool, providing a ground-breaking new way of emotionally supporting parents on a low income and their children who have emotional, behavioural or learning challenges. We use a powerful complementary meridian therapy called Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) also known as 'Tapping'.

This is a new way which is natural, safe, effective and fast and also free from pharmaceutical drugs and side effects.

EFT can resolve challenges such as anger, violence, anxiety, depression, trauma, challenging behaviour, ADHD and other learning issues that often there are no real working solutions for currently, as a result of a lack of funds, provision, awareness or training.

During each project, every family receives a block of 5 confidential one to one EFT sessions for the main parent and 5 confidential one to one EFT sessions for the child. These normally take place separately to ensure total privacy for the child and for the parent, sometimes the sessions will be joint parent and child sessions depending on the circumstances.

All practitioners working on the project hold up-to-date DBS checks and have received specialist up-to-date EFT Safeguarding training. Currently we support children from Y3 upwards and their parents.

See what these parents said about the impact of EFT in their family.

“I experienced a huge trauma which led to myself and my family needing to be rehoused in a different area. On top of this, I later had a terrible accident which left me disabled. I had 5 EFT sessions with Jenny to address all this. So much has happened since, that I feel it has been a transformational experience; I now wake up in the morning feeling positive, which never used to happen, I now experience closer relationships within my family which has brought me massive closure and increased connection, I have connected with someone I thought I’d lost. I also completely and utterly let go of an issue that I realised was not my problem, but actually someone else’s. I have been more active in my social life and I also feel that my creativity has been unblocked enabling me to reconnect with myself and make time for my pursuits. In fact, I have become so empowered and have become so much more independent, that my partner, who was my carer, has felt confident enough to start working again for the first time in 5 years! The knock on effect of this means more money, more holidays for the children and more joy! Thank you so much Jenny, I would highly recommend Jenny to anyone who is struggling. She has helped to shift blockages that I didn’t know were there…EFT has transformed our lives beyond our imagination!”
Hayley, Liverpool

"In my 50 years as a practicing Psychiatrist, EFT has proven to be one of the most rapid and effective techniques I have ever used"  Dr Henry Altenberg, MD

By supporting parents to resolve their own emotional issues fast and those of their children, The Emotional Freedom Project can…
  • Help families to solve the current problems that are preventing them and their child from moving forward in life and at school confidently and comfortably
  • Improve dramatically the life chances of the child and the parent
  • Empower parents and children to change their lives in the way that they choose      
  • Help parents to increase their own and their child's sense of belonging, aspiration, self-esteem, confidence, self-control, happiness, uptake of opportunities, long-term success, social mobility and their child’s engagement and achievement in school
  • Empower parents and children to learn how to self-care with EFT skills as a tool that they can easily use themselves at home, work or school, to manage their own behaviour and negative emotion and to support life choices​
By supporting families in this way, The Emotional Freedom Project can support schools and children’s services by…
  • Releasing huge pressure on Management teams, Class Teachers and other children affected by challenging behaviour in their class by providing the support that children need emotionally, behaviourally and academically, at a difficult time arising from cuts and gaps in mental health provision.
  • Raising standards in schools by addressing and removing emotional barriers to learning which are often unseen or unaddressed.
  • Introducing EFT to mainstream services as an effective alternative solution to approach the epidemic of mental health issues, depression, anxiety and self-harm in children and teenagers, by actually preventing it at Primary School level.
"EFT is the single most effective tool I've learned in 40 years of being a therapist" Dr Curtis A. Steele, Psychiatrist

"We have seen a marked improvement, an unbelieveable improvement in Eve's wellbeing, confidence and self-esteem. She's been able to offload her worries to Jenny, rather than in the family, which has enabled her to feel like she's not putting pressure on anyone. She's had a significant release and a remarkable improvement. This has been a special time for her working in this way one to one. She now uses the tapping at home, it is so reassuring for us that she has learnt this EFT technique, it is a life skill that she can now take forward in life to manage her own feelings. Thank you."  
Eve's Mum and Dad 

"When I was in class, I would be stressed worrying about my mum because she had a bad accident that really affected me. I found it hard to think about anything else. We also had to move house and move schools and I had to leave all my friends behind which made me really sad. Now, I have done the tapping, I feel fine, I know that mum is OK, it's made my life a lot easier. It really makes you feel more relaxed and in your comfort zone. If I feel annoyed about something at school and I don't want anyone to see, I can tap under the table. My friend saw and I taught her how to do it, now she does it all the time too. I do EFT at home to relax and especially before bed. I used to worry a lot and find it hard to sleep, now it helps me sleep better. My work in class feels easier - I used to doubt myself and decided to just stop working because I thought 'I'm not going to be able to do this, I'm not going to get it right anyway', but all of that giving up with my work, it's completely gone! I feel that I have changed like I have jumped a large step. I was trying to be happy, pretending to be happy but not really feeling it. I am different after EFT! All my worries have gone and I'm catching up..."   
Eve (aged 9), Liverpool

Jenny Luscombe, Director of the Emotional Freedom Project, is a parent and a Teacher. During her Teaching career, she became particularly interested in emotional intelligence and creativity and how these influence behaviour, identity and self-esteem. While working in schools for 10 years, she saw a huge gap in provision, training and awareness as to HOW to help children struggling with learning or emotional behavioural issues such as anger, ADHD and Dyslexia. Something was definitely missing, there was something we just weren’t seeing…

The Emotional Freedom Project is built upon several years of research, experimentation and pilot case studies exploring the premise that we all actually have unresolved emotional issues whether we are aware of them or not.

As children ourselves, we all had unmet needs, however perfect or imperfect our upbringing may have been, so we all have subconscious impulses and triggers through no fault of our own. If we continue to bury them or remain unaware of them, they could be inadvertently affecting how we parent our children…

To get a sense of what these might be for you, ask yourself 'What did I need from my parents that I did not get?' ...'Are my children getting these things from me?'

…Our parents loved us and did the best they could under the circumstances that they were faced with at that time. We are all always doing the best we can. We create our worlds and relationships with subconscious generational patterns of thought and behaviour that we sometimes can't see. Many of us haven't yet learned the significance of noticing what our subconscious mind is trying to tell us...but as soon as we do, we begin to process the unprocessed, we start to experience resolution, healing and freedom. Evolution. Progress. We can be the ones to shift the paradigm if we make a commitment to be more conscious for our children.

Our children reflect us. When they have issues (which is normal and it is OK to have them), we often project onto them, we try to fix them, we try to make them different to how they are being, but actually the most effective way to help them is always to help ourselves first.

At The Emotional Freedom Project, we have seen from working with parents and children and especially from our own experiences as parents, that if you are open to the possibility that your child's issue could be linked to a subconscious unhealed aspect of yourself, that is when you open up a space for transformation for the benefit of the whole family. 

"What's interesting about EFT is that it is a process that really, in some sense, engages like super learning, like pushing the record button on the subconscious mind" Dr Bruce Lipton, Author and Geneticist
"In reaction to a family trauma, our son was having angry outbursts at school and on most days there were incidents involving him hitting out at other children, trying to defend himself at playtime. EFT tapping has brought out a much calmer more beautiful side of him, it has worked so well. He is a different child at home and at school, more polite and considerate. His Teacher has noticed that he is more emotional and empathic and feels more remorse if he does something wrong. The incidences of anger and hitting have totally disappeared. Actually, when another child hit him recently, he didn't even retaliate, he chose to talk to a member of staff instead, which never would have happened previously! On top of all of this, his reading has really improved. EFT has opened up opportunities for him because now we feel much more confident to let him go on school trips and family holidays which we used to avoid because of his behaviour. He has occasionally asked to do EFT at home with us or his sister...thank you so much Jenny. He now has a strategy for life."
Leo's Mum and Dad

"I did the tapping to help my anger. It's helped me with my concentration and my anger's gone smaller...I haven't felt it the same as I used to."    
Leo (aged 6), Liverpool

The only reason we have issues at all is because we weren’t taught to process emotion. We were told ‘it’s not OK to be angry’ or to ‘stop crying’ or ‘don’t be silly’ when we felt upset or disappointed or sad. Experiencing emotion is a form of self-expression. Maybe, we weren’t allowed to feel. That’s why we buried it, because it was made unacceptable.

When we bury it, we get issues and it all bubbles up and we try to squash it down. The ‘bubbling up’ is your subconscious mind communicating with you…Listen. It is showing you what you need to pay attention to, to heal your life and your child’s life. If you just allow yourself and your children to feel it, talk about it, express it, understand it, you see that when you move through it to the other side, learning has taken place and the issue has dissolved. The emotion served its purpose. You have all expressed yourselves, you have all then been heard and seen and felt. Then, your children learn that their feelings matter, giving them confidence, freedom, autonomy and a solid sense of self. The full spectrum of human emotion is there for a reason, emotion is functional. It is our guidance system. It is who we are.

The beautiful thing about EFT is that once you have learned the basics, you can do it yourself! Forever!
This is a ground-breaking and life-changing technique, we can all change our lives!
We can't change the past but we can change how we feel about it and what we made it mean about ourselves.

At The Emotional Freedom Project, with a Reading Recovery Teacher on the team, we also have a particular interest in securing funding to research and use EFT with Dyslexic families. There is a growing body of evidence to suggest that there could be hidden emotional triggers causing Dyslexic tendencies.

EFT, as part of a wider global movement to provide alternatives to mainstream services, is currently rising in popularity and there are over 150 scientific trials and studies now providing compelling evidence demonstrating its effectiveness in releasing trauma, negative emotion and unconscious limiting beliefs that prevent us from living the lives that we want. See below to access new research on EFT, other Energy Techniques and the compelling new branch of science; Epigenetics.
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To find out more about EFT generally and how it works please read a more detailed explanation here

If you are a parent or child on a low income and are interested in funded Community EFT sessions, then please tell us about yourselves and what you are looking for on the contact form so we can assess your eligibility

If you are a School Head, a SENCO, an organisation or a potential funder interested in either buying these services or accessing funded places, then please fill in the contact form and let us know what you are seeking

If you would like to make a monthly donation or just a one-off, to increase the number of parents and children that The Emotional Freedom Project CIC can work with, we would be so happy and appreciative.
Thank you!
Safeguarding EFT Trained

The Emotional Freedom Project CIC was incorporated under the Companies Act 2006 as a private company limited by guarantee, registered office in England and Wales no. 11136019 

Disclaimer: Emotional Freedom Techniques are not intended to diagnose, prescribe or treat any physical or mental disease. EFT is a Complementary Therapy and although it often gets powerful results, it is still regarded as new and experimental by the mainstream. These techniques are not intended as a substitute for traditional medical, psychological or psychiatric care. Jenny Luscombe is not medically trained and does not advocate discontinuing prescribed medication or medical, psychological or psychiatric care without consulting your Doctor.
The Emotional Freedom Project CIC