Stress, Anxiety, Depression and Chronic Disease

I can help anyone who is stressed and overworked to clarify and prioritize their focus in life so that they can achieve a healthy work life balance. With EFT, you can uncover and release the unconscious beliefs that are keeping you there.

Stress, Anxiety and Depression are so common these days that you can be forgiven for thinking it is just normal, that it's just how life is! STOP! It is not normal. You do not have to live like that. EFT is cutting edge; it's potential and power is not yet mainstream. Be one of the first...

I used to have an anxiety disorder that I lived with, day in and day out. It wasn't pleasant, but I just didn't know there was another way to feel. With EFT I uncovered why I had it. I changed the unconscious beliefs that I realised I had about myself and the anxiety was gone!

This could be you. I can help you be free.

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I help people with chronic conditions, both physical and emotional, particularly those who are finding limited healing success from their existing medical services. Dealing with the emotional nature of your condition is a powerful way-in, that your doctor is unlikely to have considered, setting you on the healing path.

EFT is often what works when nothing else does!

It is very effective at reducing pain and the mounting evidence for this and the stories clients have about improvements in their symptoms from auto-immune conditions just keep coming!

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Disclaimer: Emotional Freedom Techniques are not intended to diagnose, prescribe or treat any physical or mental disease. EFT is a Complementary Therapy and although it often gets powerful results, it is still regarded as new and experimental by the mainstream. These techniques are not intended as a substitute for traditional medical, psychological or psychiatric care. Jenny Luscombe is not medically trained and does not advocate discontinuing prescribed medication or medical, psychological or psychiatric care without consulting your Doctor.

EFT works when nothing else does! Uncover and release limiting unconscious beliefs